About Belarus Free Theatre

Belarus Free Theatre (BFT) is a UK-based international award-winning theatre company founded on principles of freedom of speech and artistic expression.

Our focus is on social justice, taboo zones and violation of human rights across the globe.

Our approach is akin to investigative journalism. We build ties with people across the globe to immerse ourselves in their culture and engage in their experiences to authentically tell untold stories. This documentary material is the basis for our work along with our actors’ personal experiences of standing up for human rights and resisting dictatorship.

Working across borders we create, campaign and educate.

We bring a sharper sense of reality to the stage by creating theatre drawn directly from real life as well as presenting contemporary deconstructions of classic works.

Our transnational campaigns and theatre educational programmes encourage people to find their own voice within society and to develop a deeper engagement with social and political issues.

‘The world’s most visible and lionized underground theater.’ Ben Brantley for the New York Times

'BFT is getting very seriously noticed in many ports around the globe. Nothing, surely, could annoy an absurd European dictator more.' The Spectator